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The Perfect Push COVID-19 Family Support Visitor Policy

Covid-19 has brought on so many challenges and new concerns we would have never imagined dealing with. Over the last year we have been helping our The Perfect Push families navigate the difficult conversation around limiting visitors, setting rules, boundaries and expectations for and of family and friends during the pregnancy and newborn period.

Understandably, telling a grandparent that they may not be able to see their grandchild in person is cruel and unusual punishment, but these are the cards this pandemic has dealt us. So click below to download a copy of The Perfect Push COIVD-19 Family Support Visitor Policy. I hope you find this helpful and as always let me know if you have any questions.

NOTE: The CDC and WHO do recommends mask for all person over the age of 2, however, this may not be appropriate or apply to for everyone. Use your best judgement when decided whether or not to have your child wear a mask.

COVID-19 Family Support Visitor Policy
Download P • 197KB



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