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How Long Should You Spend on your Breast Pump?

Trying to figure out exactly how long to pump for can be a little tricky, especially in the early newborn stages. Here is a quick Boob Tip video to help you along.


In the beginning, I want you to go for 20-25mins. After your milk supply has regulated, around 6-8ish weeks, you will know exactly how long a full breast pump session takes. Do not cut yourself short in the beginning, maximize your output. As always, use heat and active pumping.


Depending on how well your LO is doing at the breast, you may need to go the full 20-25mins if the baby is barely transferring or just 10-15mins to get what I call the residual out.


I will usually have your pump for 10-15mins after the first and last feed of the day. To prevent oversupply, pump only to get what you want to store.


Pump to comfort or to get a feeding/bottle. You will be chasing your tail and fending off clogged ducts and mastitis any longer. 😫

Which one of these pumpers are you???? What questions do you have? Let's chat in the comments below⤵️ P.S. - Don't forget to check the Spectra Gold pump review on my YOUTUBE channel and join the chat on Instagram.



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